Me, in a few Words

I'm Patricio Guerrero, a Computer Systems Engineer specialized on Web Design, Web Development and Personal Branding.

As the Managing Director of Flexbone GmbH, I'm always busy planning and implementing different kind of projects on my area of expertise, which is always challenging and fun.

Although I have worked for several years on web projects, I'm constantly amazed at how much one has to learn on a daily basis in order to keep up-to-date with classic and emerging technologies. The web industry is never quiet, is always changing, always flowing. This is one of the main reasons why I have such a passion for my work, and why I  what I do.

I enjoy my free time in company of my family and friends, making some sports, going to the movies, or simply reading a good book.

What I know best

Every single product or website which I have built is a combination of PHP, MySQL 5, CSS, HTML, XML, AJAX and Javascript.

All my systems use Object-oriented Programming (OOP) with normalized databases and are built according to the most actual methodologies of Software Development and Information Architecture.

My managerial skills include the Six Sigma Methodology for Team Management, ROI performance measures and KPI Analysis.

I've always been a visual kind of person, so I began experimenting with Adobe Photoshop back in 1996 and once I discovered the potential and brilliancy of this tool, I never let go of it. In consequence I've been using Photoshop for both, private and professional projects nearly on a daily basis ever since.

Some credentials

I hold an engineering degree in Computer Science obtained at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador (Quito), two certifications by the Webmasters Europe Certification program and more than 21 years of experience working in the web industry.

This strong educational foundation, additionally to the fact that ‐ nerd alert! I read and learn anything which falls into my hands, provides me with an ideal combination of know-how for building rock-solid, lightning-fast, reliable, standardized, accessible and search-engine-friendly web-based systems.

Curious already?

If you think I can help you with a project, or you'd like to get a copy of my CV, or you'd just like to say hello, the easiest way to reach me is sending me an email to:

Or through my handles in Twitter:

@p4tricio, @FlexboneGmbH